Massachusetts Families & Businesses Deserve
a Safe, Affordable Energy Plan
Massachusetts Families & Businesses Deserve
a Safe, Affordable Energy Plan

You Have the Right to Choose How You Heat Your Home

Energy choice could disappear in favor of forced electrification

Cost of a Whole-Home Heat Pump Conversion

A balanced and effective climate strategy should include all clean energy sources. Sadly, regulators with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection are pushing to implement a plan to force all homes and businesses to replace their current heating oil, natural gas, or propane heating system with electric heat pumps. It is called the Clean Heat Standard, and it could be financially devastating for everyday families and businesses across the state.

The Clean Heat Standard means higher energy prices, expensive conversions, and a less reliable grid

This proposed regulation will create mechanisms that will force you to convert your home or business to heat pumps and other electric equipment, depriving you of the right to choose your preferred energy source.

The Clean Heat Standard may exclude clean, renewable liquid options like Bioheat® fuel blended with home heating oil to help accelerate expensive conversions to electric heat pumps. Renewable biofuels are already reducing greenhouse gas emissions in homes and businesses in Massachusetts and across the Northeast.

Tell Your Elected Officials There is a Better Path

Lawmakers and regulators in Massachusetts must hear from concerned residents who value energy choice and balanced climate policy.

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Cost to MA Families & Businesses

The Clean Heat Standard is a recipe for higher costs. Its financial penalties ensure that energy prices will rise, so you will be more likely to undertake a pricey heat pump conversion.

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A Balanced Solution

Tens of thousands of households and businesses have lowered their carbon footprints with proven energy sources like Bioheat® fuel. Isn’t that smarter than a narrow electric-only path?

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Electrification Challenges

Electrification means expensive equipment conversions and a less reliable power grid for Massachusetts households — not to mention record-high electricity prices.

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Massachusetts Uses 3X as Much Energy as We Generate

The Clean Heat Standard Threatens MA Grid Reliability

What will happen to our fragile electric grid when millions of homes and businesses are forced to convert to electric heating? The risks are graver than electrification advocates admit.

We have seen the dire consequences of grid outages during extreme winter weather including the 2021 blackout during an unanticipated cold snap in Texas, and a power grid failure in New York in December 2022.

ISO New England has repeatedly warned that our grid could face reliability issues during “extended severe weather conditions.”

We cannot afford the risks that widespread forced electrification will bring. Read more