About Us

We are a coalition of Massachusetts energy providers who support carbon reduction but are concerned about the one-size-fits-all approach the Commonwealth is taking.

For over 65 years, the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) has served Bay State residents. Our membership comprises dedicated heating and cooling providers serving over 700,000 homeowners and thousands of businesses. We are integral to the resilience of our economy and the comfort of our friends, coworkers, neighbors and family members.

Massachusetts families deserve safe, reliable heat.

As leaders in the home comfort space, we value the trust placed in us and strive every day to ensure that Massachusetts households stay warm and safe, no matter what New England’s weather brings.

That is why we’re deeply troubled about the narrow and risky forced electrification pathway that Massachusetts lawmakers and regulators are pursuing. MEMA’s membership wants to work with customers and elected representatives to combat climate change, but the Clean Heat Standard, in its current framework, could impose terrible conversion costs and higher energy prices on families while resulting in worse home comfort and a less reliable power grid.

Our members deliver effective and eco-friendly energy.

We believe that climate change is a real and vital challenge that we must address with every solution available to us. Electricity is one tool for reducing emissions, but it is not the only one.

In the push to electrify everything in Massachusetts homes and businesses, policymakers ignore the clean energy solutions that MEMA members deliver today. These solutions include Bioheat® fuel, a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel, which countless Massachusetts households already use in oil-fired equipment without costly modifications. This fuel is lowering greenhouse gas emissions today in an affordable way for families.

Your Massachusetts representative needs to hear from you to understand that you want a balanced, clean energy mix, not a reckless forced electrification agenda. Together, we can ensure a greener future with dependable, safe and affordable home comfort.